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 Your headshot is like the logo of your personal brand. If you've always wanted that dream job or are currently in business, you've probably heard and read about the pride that top executives (in any industry) have of their image. From their point of view, everything they do (especially in the public eye) has to be calculated and in tune with their brand message, including their picture. On the other hand, if you're stuck in a rut and want a change, a professional headshot is your key to opening that door. A headshot is the simplest way to not only be noticed by those around you, but also to a wide spectrum of viewers from prospective recruiters, clients, and even those seeking a relationship.


Types of Headshots and What's Right For You

  • Headshots - For business owners and professional. They range from the typical headshots to the crossed-arms and 1/4-turned body look, full body and corporate group shots either in studio or location.

  • Acting Headshots - Suited to actors / actresses and are more stylized, to show personality and character range.

  • Artistic-Beauty Headshots - Geared towards showcasing unique physical features for models and the fitness type.


There are many tips that as a professional photographer I can give for your headshot session, but the most important one is to let your personality shine! The other tips are common such as get a good night's sleep the day before, get your hair cut, and wear flattering clothes suited to your industry. Regardless if you're a male or female, I always recommend booking a make-up artist (I work with an excellent one) as their talent for accentuating features and making skin look great is worth the effort. Furthermore, it is always best to have a sense of who your viewership and tailor the headshot session to it. I always have a brief free consultation with all clients to go over the details prior to the headshot session.

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